Resume Writing Tips

Your resume steps into an organization much before you do - a reason why you need to create it carefully, as first impressions are often last.

Here are a few tips to create a power resume that will cast a spell on your prospective employers even as they scan through it in a few seconds.

  • Determine your job search objective and create your resume around that: Use it to frame the job titles or skill. headings. This will help employers scan through the resume quickly and determine if you have the desired skills
  • Go reverse-chronological : While writing your educational qualifications and work experience, mention your recent educational information/job first.
  • Use power content : Use action words and numbers to elaborate your job responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • Make your resume easy-to-read : Leave white space. Use bullets instead of lengthy paragraphs. Use heading and subheadings to classify information. Highlight/bold the key points so that they are not missed in the minute-long scan by the employer. Put contact information at the top of your resume.
  • Do not make resume a professional autobiography : Avoid unnecessary details. Provide only key points that will get the employer interested in calling you for the interview. Remember you can share details in the interview. Also, do not decrease font size to an unreadable level or print your resume on the front and back sides of one piece of paper to reduce number of pages; instead rephrase wordy sentences.
  • Review your resume once created for spellings, grammatical errors, and clarity. It is a good idea to let someone else review your resume.