Why Us

High Quality Work

We employ recruitment consultants of the highest caliber, specially selected so they can 'speak your language'. They have industry experience, are able to understand your specific needs, and can easily relate to the relevant candidates. Most of our recruitment consultants are Engineers, MBAs, MCAs, etc. We are so confident in our consultants and methodology that we offer you a guarantee in all placements ; we will replace or refund if the candidate doesn't work out, for whatever reason. After all, we aim to put the right person in the right place - every time.

Fast Delivery

Recruitment is what we do, so we do it well, and we do it fast & effective. Our consultants really have a real passion for what they do and they know how to do the best possible job in the shortest turn around time.

Industry Experience & Network

With an access to internet job portals, networking through different sites, huge internal database and references from word of mouth we manage to have a large pool of candidates to source for your requirements. We have relationships with passive job seekers who may be a better fit for your organization than those who happen to be reading the paper that day.


We Maintain confidentiality; don’t give away your competitive edge. By undertaking your own recruiting, you offer your competitors insight into your company’s direction and success. You can keep all this information fully confidential by using our services.

Highly Secured Database

Our resume bank is stored in an SQL Server on the Web, hosted on highly secured IBM Netfinity Server at a hosting location in USA & Canada. Our web portal is updated on-line with the most needed profiles frequently. We perform a periodic refresh on the on-line data hosted on our web through our package. While cutting-edge technologies form the network backbone of our infrastructure, stringent security and backup systems ensure high levels of safety & security.

Cutting Edge Technological Environment

BSC is headquartered at a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced technologies, processes, and equipment - complying with international standards. We have a state-of-the art application server which enables us to perform an intelligent search and to pick the right set of profiles that are required for the client's needs.