Interview Tips

A nicely written CV might have taken you to the interview table, but it is no guarantee that you will be able to clinch the job. However, a good interview will surely do the trick. Here are a few tried and tested tips by experts that will help you sail through smoothly at the interview table.

  • Prepare or perish : Prepare for the anticipated questions as well gather information about the company. You can visit the company's website for this. Rehearse with a friend or in front of the mirror. Remember, good preparation will give you confidence and will reflect in your responses.
  • First Impressions First : This is your only chance, so remember to do the following:
    • Dress formally.
    • Do Not forget to wear your smile.
    • Have a firm handshake.
    • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer without glaring.
  • Do not make it a one-way chat show : It is not a good idea to talk too much as it might make you stray off the main topic. First listen to the question carefully without interrupting and then give relevant and brief answer. In case a question requires more detail, first give key points and then ask for permission for sharing further details.
  • Be positive : Talk of positive accomplishments, plans, and views. Remember not to talk negatively about your previous employer.
  • Get specific : Remember you are selling yourself in the interview. The interviewer wants to know the value propositions. So, always append your answers with relevant examples and do not forget to specify the outcome of each.
  • Do not hide your weakness : It is always a good thing to share your weaknesses, as this reflects your desire and willingness to improve. Also, it is a good idea to share your learnings from the past mistakes. This will tell about how you will handle things in future.
  • Say the truth: Be honest with every question. Background/reference checks will reveal the truth anyway.
  • Avoid verbal ticks, for e.g., "umm," "like," "you know” : They reflect your nervousness or at times inability.

Prepare well before the interview, and during the interview take a few seconds before answering to gather your thoughts.